Taking Flight

3 min readOct 23, 2020


Finally, the beautiful journey came to the ending session. All the gloomy faces with a very heavy heart attending the session.


So the session started with Maam anum and Sir Ahmad calling everyone, its the last session please give 100% attendance 👊.The session started with a video made by our batch fellows, refreshing all the memories and hard work behind the video.

Then we started a game , we had to guess the riddle and we had to take a picture with answer of that riddle. Enjoyed a lot during that game.

My contribution to game :D

After winning the game , Mam anum amazed us all with her endless effort to make our last session memorable, she worked all night to make something extremely special for all of us. She gave titles to everyone and put so much effort to make us happy .And she really did an amazing work. This shows how much she loved her entire batch , she didn't even missed out a single person in the batch.

While she started giving the title, I was constantly think that she will definitely give me the title of “SARU OF THE BATCH” 😆.

But I got next level title 🙌, don't judge the book by its title, same goes for me phopo not always means negativity , sometimes phopo means not getting involved in everything and keeping kam sy kaam 😝. Jokes apart thanks to MAm Anum for defining me so accurately 😍.

One last picture 😄

So the session came to an end with everyone's farewell speeches.

This not the end this is the start of practicing and utilizing everything we have been taught in the past 3 months. The only way to repay back to our mentors is to make them feel proud and utilize every tips and tricks we have all have learned in the fellowship.

In the end I really want appericiate my circle leader Noor ul ain😍, trust me she is a gem of a person , no one in the batch made me feel that i really want to meet that person once in my life, but she is the one i really want to meet once in my life . Thank you noor for always supporting and corporating. My entire mega project group was awesome .I learned so much from them , they way these people manage their job life with thefellowship is amazing and show how much dedicated they are to the fellowship .

Thank You Maam anum and Sir Ahmad for everything.