Life moves on and so should we.

3 min readOct 16, 2020


My journey with amal started on 18th July 2020

“Sometimes the hardest and the right things are the same”

Ending one beautiful chapter of my life and immediately starting a new one was an abrupt decision. I came to know about amal academy from my cousins and I thought I am free so why not?

So the day comes where it was my first day at amal, online session I was still left with my last paper and I was totally blank and confused that what is going on?? I was not interacting much and observing everyone. I was somehow enjoying the session and was learning things but I wasn't that much excited that I am now.

first session

Going through the connecting dots activity to making amal values on chart papers. Writing gratitude letters, listing down professional and personal goals. Doing group activity on leading without authority with totally unknown people. There was an activity in which we had to ask our friends that what are the qualities that I have which they wish they had. It was quite interesting.

Leading without authority activity

Feelings at the start of the fellowship were strange because it was not probably the right time to do this amazing fellowship. All the bad happenings of my life were hitting me hard during the start of the fellowship. I remember my first PW was late and sir Ahmed ask me to take help from fellows and he asked me to take help from my fellows I was so reluctant. I just didn't want to interact with anyone.

The things I learned in the first two weeks were how to be grateful for the amazing people I have in my life. Going through my aims and goals in my life. Learned how to be more specific about my goals. The Most Important Thing I learned in amal is how to be patient when things are not going according to you. I learned the concept of khudi, Kam Kam, and amal and started practicing in daily life.

Amal values

Throughout the fellowship, I learned a lot of things and I believe these amal values and lifelong experiences will help me out throughout my life. I am happy that I continued my fellowship.

In the end, I just want to thank mam ANUM and sirAhmed for this amazing fellowship. Thank you For always going the extra mile to make this fellowship best for us. And best of luck to all the amazing fellows. I am sure something more amazing and inspiring is waiting for you all after the fellowship.

Amal ending