3 min readAug 7, 2020

A Gift Overdue

Well never thought of it that giving a thank you letter to your loved ones it probably the best gift you can give to them. We do say thank you to every one when they do do something for me,but while writing these letters i realized that i actually didn't say them a meaningful thank you. There are so many people i wanted to say thank you but it was not possible to write letter to each and everyone.It was so difficult to chose to whom i should write i am not a very expressive person , I prove my love and affection through actions. Well i wanted to write a letter to my parents but they know how much i love them.

So I am starting it with my sister.

This is the letter i wrote is to my sister, we are 5 siblings, 2 sisters and 3 brothers, my sister is the eldest. She was so bossy as a kid and didn't likes me but when she grew up she realized ow blessed she is to have me :P

Well for me she is not only a sister to me but my friend my mentor , my khair khuwa in true sense.

Her reply

The second letter i wrote is to my best friend which i found in university.People always wonder how are we best friends our nature is totally opposite to each other. She is gem of a person and i love her.

The third letter i wrote is to my friend in university , she helped in all the possible way she could. She was not my class fellow my batch fellow but what a sincere friend she is , loving humble and a positive person.

Her reply,

This letter is to my childhood friends , we are fiends for more than 15 years, they are like sisters to me.Nobody can ever replace them. They laughed so hard when i send them this 👊


There are so many people which are left to be thanked .But after this experience i have decided to call them or meet them in person to thank you for all the have done for me. I feel we should do this more often and let our loved ones know that we appreciate their efforts and role they play in our lives. In our daily we are so much busy that we forget to appreciate their existence in our lives.